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A PopUp Hotel is located where and when you need a hotel the most. Every time we set up a hotel, it´s for a special purpose. Whether it’s a sports event, a music festival, a congress or a fair, or any other temporary need to accommodate a large group of people, we offer a solution. We like to think that a PopUp Hotel is an event in itself. We are fun, energetic and cozy, always in the best location and always easy to reach. At PopUp Hotel we take pride in the security and cleanliness of our premises and the comfort that we offer to our clients. Your best event experience starts with PopUp Hotel!

Behind PopUp Hotel is a group of experienced hotel, event and real estate professionals who are passionate about developing new ways to improve the client experience. With the PopUp Hotel concept we want to put a smile on the client’s face while at the same time offering municipalities and event organisers a way to accommodate more people close to their event, and to offer real estate owners a solution to temporarily improve the rental income of their property. Interested? Contact us and see the FAQ for more information.










You need more beds than the area can offer? Great! We might just have a solution for you!

1) Tailor-made hotel
For cities and event organisers, we can build a hotel to suit your needs. Let´s plan the hotel together! We take care of the actual work. It can be a 100, 200, or a 300 bed unit to fit your exact needs. For example, a dedicated hotel for your event workers and contractors, which leaves normal hotels for client use. The hotel is built to fit your needs and invoiced from the person or organization that places the order. The quality level and added services are agreed in advance. We can build the hotel with just normal beds, full hotel furnishings, or anything in between. We can add meeting rooms, arrange parties, and offer concierge services. Just ask and we will supply it! Tailor-made hotels can be ordered for a minimum of 50 people and a minimum of three nights.

2) Strategic partnership
We form strategic partnerships with event organisers. Here we take the market risk ourselves, but enter into the marketing of the event in full partnership with the organiser. Our hotel can be included in ticket packages or just be included in the event marketing letters, e-mails and social media. Strategic partnerships can be agreed for events with a minimum 3 nights stay and with the volume of the hotel being no less than 100 beds.

3) Special groups
For a special group who need, for example, congress accommodation, we can build the whole experience. From airport arrival to shuttle services to and from the congress site, from dinner and meeting services, to cocktail parties, we are a full service house. Or you can just book a hotel for your company with rooms planned to fit your needs and timetable. These experiences can be ordered for groups with a minimum 50 people.


– Travel beds with up to 500 beds
– Optional linen, blankets, pillows
– Optional 24h hour security
– Optional service packages
– Hotels located in schools, office buildings
– Group showers are possible depending on the building, toilets are always private

– Travel beds or normal hotel beds, up to 500 beds
– Linen, blankets, pillows always included
– 24 hour security always included
– Optional service packages
– Reception services
– Interior decoration to fit the event and client profile
– Showers and toilets always private and lockable

– Up to 500 beds in large group rooms or upgraded single/double executive rooms, suites or anything in the between
– Everything from services to timetables are planned to fit the needs of the client
– Check in and check out whenever you want
– Challenge us with your requests!

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How do I book a room?
Send us a reservation inquiry HERE. Choose the hotel, choose the dates of stay, fill in your contacts and press Send. Subject to availability we will offer you a room. Our bookings are verified with full prepayment. You will receive an invoice from us once you have accepted our accommodation offer.

When do I need to pay for the reservation?
Our rooms are paid in advance to secure the reservation due to the nature of the event hotel. We are pretty much always fully booked well before the event. You will receive MISSING TEXT

Can I cancel the reservation?
The reservation can be cancelled before the room is paid. Payments are not returned if you need to cancel the reservation.

Do you accept cash payments?
Unfortunately we don´t take cash payments or cheques. Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) are accepted.

Is there a shower and a toilet in the room?
Only some hotel rooms include a shower or a toilet. Each hotel is unique because they are temporary. We do, however, have private toilets and shower for client use in each of our hotels. Every toilet is, of course, lockable.

Where can I get more information about future events?
We add all the new events to our webpage when a hotel is ready to be published.

Didn´t find the answer you needed here? Please contact our customer service by e-mail: info@popuphotel.fi


I have an event, but all hotels in the region are full. How can I get a PopUp Hotel for my event?
Contact us. Let´s investigate together if a PopUp Hotel could be built for the event.

Where is your hotel going to be located?
A good question Our biggest task is always to find suitable vacant premises in the right location. Many times local knowledge beats our connections, so think creatively. Who could help us find vacant premises?

What are your room rates?
The hotel capacity is sold either per bed, per room or per group. The room rates vary a lot as the rents from the premises, the required upgrades and changes to the premises are always unique, as are the services included. Of course, the business risk plays a factor too. If our hotel is pre-booked by the event organiser, the prices can be significantly lower. Normally we are priced closer to a budget hotel than a boutique hotel.

How big or small hotels can you build?
Our maximum capacity at the moment is 500 beds. Normally a hotel is between 100 and 200 beds and our minimum capacity is 50 beds.

How long can a PopUp Hotel be in place?
Regardless of the needed number of beds, we normally don´t build a hotel for less than 3 nights. The maximum operating period depends on the official town plan. If the plan allows hotel use, we can build the hotel for 2 weeks, a month or even a year or longer. If however the plan only allows, for example, office use, our maximum operating period is 2 weeks, if allowed by construction permits.